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Mini Copy Audit Session          $30

See how I can help you improve your copy today! Book a mini copy audit and get professional feedback on one of your problem projects! Don't waste any more time stressing over your copy woes, let me help you free up that time! 

Brand Voice Clarity Session    $30

Try my Brand Voice Clarity Session and see how easy it can be to clarify your brand's voice and carry it across all your platforms. Including a simple PDF Brand Voice Guide for you to utilize on any of your future projects.

Check out Some of my BadA** Packages (Seriously some of them are legit named bada** cause they are that good) or get your own custom package!


Social Media Boosters

Social Media got you down when it should be boosting up your sales? I hear ya! Trying to strike that right tone, while giving value, establishing that like, know and trust everyone is talking about all while keeping it short sweet and to the point, so your readers don't get bored?


Seriously I got tired just writing that. There is so much a growing business needs to keep track of and writing good copy for your social media is just another pile entrepreneurs have to shovel!


But it doesn't have to be all work and no play. Utilize one of my social media booster packages customized to your needs and platforms and set that Sh*t on autopilot!


  • Compelling Copy for Social Media Platforms

  • Customize for Your Specific Platform Needs

  • Up to 2 re-writes per Post

  • Duel Editing Process

  • SEO Keywords

  • Brand Clarity

  • Brand Voice

  • Optimize Target Clients

BadA** Brand Voice 

Copy is not dull, and neither is your brand voice! So let's stop the generic brand voice parade before my eyeballs start bleeding! Let's shake sh*t up and keep your audience coming back for more!


Seriously, a good brand voice can keep your ideal clients coming back again and again! Show them how sexy (or fun if we're not quite ready to go full copy sexy) your brand's voice can be!


  Includes (Depending on your Package)
  • Customized Brand Voice Package

  • Brand Voice Guide

  • 1 on 1 Deep Dive Call 

  • Tone Guidance

  • Brand Voice Clarity

  • Vocab Suggestions 

  • Keys to Brand Voice Utilization

Editing and Polishing Website Copy 

If you love your copy but feel that maybe they need a little facelift, or your grammar and spelling could use a once over this is the perfect package.


Let me polish those copy turds till they shine so we can get those ideal clients engaged and loving what you got going on!

  • Editing and Polishing for Desired Copy

  • Up to 2 re-writes 

  • Duel Editing Process

  • Brand Clarity

  • Brand Voice

  • SEO Utilization

  • Optimize Target Clients

Copy That

  • Awesomeness

  • BadA** Copy Solutions

Copy Audits

Website Audit

120 min. Full Website Audit - $90

Sometimes we have great content, but it can just use a little polish! A website copy audit is an excellent option if your site needs some polish or just a little help. It will get a full 120 min audit where every aspect of copy on the website will get looked over. I will give you suggestions on techniques you can use to improve your site. Ways to provide it with more clarity, let you know if your SEO is lacking, any grammar or spelling edits that need to be made as well as letting you know how cohesive your site is and will give suggestions and advice for improvements to the copy on your site. This is the comprehensive audit that will provide you with an in-depth look at all areas of your website to let you know which areas may need some polish to really shine!


  • 120 min intensive Audit

  • Spelling and Grammer Edits

  • Advice to:

    • Improve copy quality 

    • Help optimize reaching your target client

    • Obtain overall cohesion in your site

  • Suggestions for areas that could use improvement 

  • Look at Brand Voice and let you know if its consistent throughout the site

  • A brief look to see if your website is fully utilizing SEO keywords

SEO Audit

90 min. SEO Audit - $60

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, if your thinking to yourself what is that, you probably need this! Google and the various search engines "crawl" tons of sites when people type in their keywords or questions. To help optimize your search results, I will take an in-depth look at your copy and what your offering and give you a list of SEO keywords to try and help you optimize your organic search results. 


  • 90 min intensive Audit

  • SEO Keyword Review

  • Suggestions on SEO Keyword Improvements

  • SEO Keywords to help reach the ideal client

Brand Voice Audit

90 min. Brand Voice Audit - $60

Your brand is part of what helps reach your ideal client. Your brand message and brand voice are what speaks to them and help them feel connected. But sometimes when we write our copy for our website, we can lose our way. Some parts may reflect your brand voice perfectly, and others may be a bit confused. Perhaps you feel like your whole site doesn't reflect who you are as a brand. Whatever your feeling, the Brand Voice audit will look over your entire website and help your copy flow and make your brand voice consistent no matter where in your site someone may travel. 

Maybe you don't have a defined brand voice yet; we can also use this audit time to get a feel for you and your brand and help you to develop a clear brand voice. 


  • 90 min intensive Audit

  • Brand Voice Clarity Review 

  • Outline on how to Achieve Clear Brand Voice

  • Areas that need improvement

  • Discovering Brand voice also available

Blog Audit
120 min. Blog Audit - $90

But what about my Blog!?! No worries, I have those covered too. Love what you blog about and think that other people would love it also? But maybe you're not getting the reach or the traffic you hoped for. That is where my Blog Audit comes in. I will do a 90 min intensive audit on your blog to try and help figure out why it's not getting the traffic you were hoping for. This comprehensive audit will look over content as well as grammar and editing. I'll check your SEO keyword utilization as well as brand voice and making sure your posts make sense to your followers. 


  • 90 min Intensive Audit

  • Blog Content Review

  • Spelling and Grammer Review

  • SEO Keyword Review

  • Brand Voice Review

  • Outline for improvement in needed areas

  • Suggestions for Edits and SEO Keywords Optimization 


Copy for Courses, Landing Pages,  Web Pages, Whatever your Project Needs

The need for copy is versatile and never-ending. Kind of like laundry, it's always there and feels like no matter how much you do, you still need to get more done! But it doesn't have to be a chore, let my help crush that laundry (or copywriting) pile and get you on your way to more pleasant things. Like sipping (or guzzling) that excellent new wine you found at the store! 

  • Copy for your Project

  • Up to 2 re-writes

  • Duel Editing Process

  • Brand Clarity

  • Brand Voice

  • Optimize Target Clients

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