Why Should I Hire A Copywriter to do my Blog?

One common mistake I run into when evaluating blogs for business pages is how undervalued they are. Blogs can do a lot of heavy lifting for selling your business, your product/ service, or yourself. Whatever it is your trying to get to your client, your blog can be your biggest ally in getting you there.

We have this large block of words where we can pack in some amazing content for your clients as well as being able to really utilize it to reach those ideal people. So why wouldn't you use the valuable real estate on your site? Maybe your past blogs didn't get a lot of attention or your only doing it because you were told it was a good idea. There could be so many reasons you started the blog but if you're not utilizing it, you are wasting your time and money.

Okay, that may have come off a little harsh but it is the truth. If you post consistently on your blog and give valuable information to your audience you are going to get more engagement and boost the organic traffic to your site. Is it an overnight fix? No, it takes time and dedication. You also have to use some trial and error to determine the SEO keywords that will work best. But if your willing to put in the effort to have a meaningful blog you will eventually see the return.

This is where hiring a copywriter comes into play, their expertise can help your blog post have meaningful content while utilizing SEO strategies, incorporating your brand voice and reaching/ selling to your ideal client without them realizing they are being sold to. The greatest asset to copywriting is selling your client without them even realizing it. No one wants to come off as pushy or salesy but you can use psychology and other tactics to try to nudge things in your favor. If your ideal client can read your blog and think to themselves, "It's like they are talking directly to me." Then you have achieved your goal, establishing this relationship and connecting with your ideal client can build your credibility with them. Making you an authority in your area, a source of information they come back to again and again. Then when they are ready you will be the source the purchase from.

Am I a little biased about the use of a copywriter? Heck Yes! But honestly, it's for good reason, I have seen businesses lose out because they had a horrible blog no one wanted to read. If people even found it on google they would leave after a few moments and it did not help their rankings. Or google had a hard time crawling the info and didn't include it in top search results. Google likes consistency and good content. If you can provide both you can improve your google search rankings organically.

So why should you hire a copywriter? Besides the fact they are freaking awesome, they are here to help your words shine. In an online world where the person to person interaction has been drastically reduced your words are what will make or break so many sales. They can make the difference between your client connecting with your product or service and deciding to leave your site without purchasing, contacting you, etc.


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