Why do I need a Copywriter?

This is a question I hear often for people who don't understand what a copywriter does. Even for some of those seasoned pro's I still get the question, "Well, why do I need you?" To answer you honestly, you may not need me. If you have an established brand voice and you're able to use that cohesively across all your platforms and advertising then you probably got this. If you find that words flow to you creating copy that speaks to your target client then you might not need a copywriter.

But not everyone can find the flow, not everyone can carry that brand voice across all their platforms and there are some entrepreneurs and business owners who are just so dang busy they don't have the time to provide their business with the boost that comes from great copy.

5 Key Elements Provided by a Copywriter

Brand Voice - One of the best ways to help your business is to have a defined brand voice, especially if you have a large online business or presence. You don't want some of your platforms sounding like a young hip teen and the others coming across as an expert in your field. It confuses your message and your client base. A good copywriter will either help you establish a clear brand voice or ask the questions and make sure their copy uses that established brand voice.

Target Client - Even if you have a wide client base there are still things in common for all your target clients. Your business or product is going to solve some sort of problem or fulfill a need and using that knowledge to focus your copy will help you better reach those clients that need your help. A good copywriter will help you define this Target Client if you don't have that definition yet, and they will keep this ideal person in mind to help make their writer speak to them. You want that ideal client to read you copy and think, "They are talking to me!", or "This was written for me!".

SEO - We constantly hear these three little letters referred to especially when it comes to copywriting. Search Engine Optimization, this is a fancy way of saying optimizing your writing to get the best search results. A good copywriter is going to keep those keywords in mind that will help optimize your search engine results and improve organic traffic to your site over time. It's not an exact science and some of it is trial and error but its always good to keep in mind.

Quality - One of the best assets to your copy or content is quality. If you have sub-par quality at the end of the day you are just not going to get the results you want. It's another reason a good copywriter is so important. They can add quality to your written word and help elevate your business or product.

Cohesion - This last element is probably one of the most important when it comes to copywriting because this is the element that brings it all together. You can have a defined brand voice, know your target client, utilize SEO and have high-quality writing. But when all these elements don't come together in a cohesive manner all of your hard work can be wasted. A great copywriter takes all of your amazing elements and presents them with a cohesive vision. Bringing together all your elements and giving your business or product a polished finish.


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