I Want to Add a Blog to My Site.... But I can't Write....

You read online how great blogs can be for your business page. How it can boost your search rankings and help you utilize SEO for your site. It sounds like a great idea, produce some blog posts, give your clients some great content, and boost your search rankings in the process. It looks like a total win, so you decide its time to up your game and start this blog.

You have some great ideas of pain points for your clients that a blog could address. So you sit down at the computer and great ready to produce some amazing blog content. Something that utilizes your brand voice and will target your ideal clients, giving them fantastic content that will help them and sprinkle in some SEO keywords to help boost those search rankings. Easy Peasy, Right? But as you sit there staring at the computer screen, you realize, "I can't actually write!". Maybe reading isn't your thing or English in school was tough. Whatever brings you to this realization doesn't matter. You are still left with the same dilemma, "I want an amazing blog for my website, but my writing sounds like a 3rd grader who would rather pick their boogers then write a paper.". Or maybe it comes off more like you've had one too many beers and thought becoming a blog master is a great idea!

No matter what your writing looks like, try not to panic; there are a few solutions to your problem. Now the first is obviously my favorite because let's face it, I'm biased. Hiring a copywriter! It is literally their job to write things like this. Combining all the crucial elements of your business, so your blog fits cohesively with your brand, utilizing SEO practices, and giving you valuable content! But sometimes that's not an option, copywriters don't come free, and the good ones don't come cheap. (Seriously, you get what you pay for in copywriting. If you pay rock bottom rates, you will get rock bottom work that probably has no consideration for SEO and may even be plagiarized.)

But I'm not going to leave you hanging, you can also try these tips to help see if you can get the juices flowing and create a polished piece. (Bet you didn't see that coming, what crazy person gives out free advice?) Who knows when your business starts building this will help you understand the value in great copywriting, and then you'll remember who gave you the info to get you started. (I hope.)

1. Google What Your Business Does.

Seriously, but don't try to google your business specifically. Try to ask questions you think your ideal client would ask or keywords that you feel describes your business. See what comes up if the sites coming up are similar to what you do, then your bang on, and those are the terms you want to use. If they aren't, you will have to use some trial and error to discover the best keywords. This will give you an idea of the keywords you want to put in your blog.

2. Don't Keyword Stuff!!

Okay, this one is so important, so pay attention... Seriously, not kidding, don't do this! As you write, you may be tempted to put those keywords everywhere you can. Even if it's to the detriment of the writing, Google frowns on this. You wind up with mediocre content that your target clients don't want to read, and it will actually hurt you in the long run. Try to include these keywords as naturally as possible. The biggest thing is to have a well-written post that provides valuable content to your audience.

3. Use Editing Software.

I'll be honest, even I use editing software. No matter how good you become at writing or how well you understand grammar and editing, sometimes you miss things. That's where the grammar and editing software comes in handy. It can catch little issues you may not have otherwise noticed. Remember, the editors available on word and pages are only limited, they tend to miss a lot of problems that can cause your work to come out misspelled, disjointed, or worse unreadable.

4. Address Pain Points or Problems.

Use pain points for your clients or address problems they may be facing that you can fix for them in your posts. This is what your clients are googling for. They are looking for answers to whatever their problem is, so the best way to reach them is to give them those answers. Are you going to be giving away great info for free sometimes? Yes, but becoming a source of information in your market can help boost your credibility with potential clients and can help make you an authority in your field. By showing you know what you're talking about your helping to inspire confidence in your services.

5. Use Your Brand Voice

If you have no idea what I am talking about when you read this, please message me, and I'll be happy to explain... Or Google it, trust me, you will be glad you did. Using that clear brand voice across all your platforms to deliver a consistent message will give you that edge, and it just makes you sound more professional. You don't want your products of kick-butt women's defense gear to be delivered in a voice that's reminiscent of a dude talking about sports... trust me your target audience at best will be confused, at worst it will be a turn-off, and they will leave your page.

If you can keep these points in mind during your next blog post, hopefully, you will find writing it easier! You can also save yourself a little money and use our editing services here at Writing Free to help polish and optimize your blog. Even the best work needs a little help sometimes, just ask me, I use a Dual Editing process to help proof my work and give clients polished work ready to be placed right into their site.


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