Short and Impactful is the name of the game with this Short and Cheeky Sales Page. If you need the impact of a highly converting sales page without the price tag then this is the perfect compromise.

I have taken all the best elements of a sales page and put them in half the length of a typical sales page. Giving you all the converting power of a long-form sales page but avoiding the hefty price tag 

What It Includes:

  • Fresh Copy for Short Form Sales Page

  • CTAs

  • Up to 2 Rewrites/ Edits of produced work

  • Dual Editing Process

  • Brand Voice 

  • Brand Clarity

  • Infusion of Business Ideals

  • Optimization for Target Clients

  • SEO Utilization

  • Infusion of Psychology

  • Deeply Resonating Messaging

  • Highly Converting Copy

  • Laser Clarity on Messaging

  • Research for Optimal Audience Appeal

  • Engagement/Conversion Tactics

All this packed into a Short Form Sales Page!

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