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The Cheeky Copywriter (AKA Me)

So many of us struggle with copywriting, even just writing in general. You are bada** at so many things, but learning some skills can be like trying to learn pig Latin (which I don't recommend, I don't know about you guys but I was totally confused when I tried!). 

It's just not for everyone, that's why I have made it my life's mission to help other business owners and entrepreneurs create compelling copy that converts browsers into buyers!

I have been there before, I can remember writing sales pages and thinking to myself this is a big steaming pile of S**T! I felt so discouraged, but my love of writing kept me going. 

I was determined, there had to be a way to make my copy sexy! To make it fun and engaging, like me! 

I realized there was a way to be sassy while still being professional and that's how the cheeky copywriter was born. 

So I could bring my skills to those who wanted, not just copy that converts but copy that was fun and engaging to read!

Copy that keeps your audience reading till the end cause you never know what crazy thing they might miss out on if they don't. Like a really weird movie that you just have to keep watching because you never know when the dancing monkey and coconut bras will appear!

I'm an avid Horseback rider, a mom of two beautiful children, and I believe The Harry Potter Books are the greatest thing since sliced bread!

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